“Rub Some LUV on Your Meat”

As a competition BBQ team, Fergolicious BBQ knows what it takes to create excellent tasting food. Savor the flavors of TRUE Kansas City BBQ by adding a little LUV to your beef, pork, chicken or seafood. Fergolicious LUV, it’s not just delicious, IT’S FERGOLICIOUS!

Fergolicious LUV comes in a 6.2 oz and a 12.5 oz bottle. The Sweet Sweet LUV comes in a 6.2 oz bottle. Both rubs are Gluten and MSG FREE.

You can find our rubs at all 91 Westlake Ace Hardware locations in IA, MO, KS, TX, NM, NE, NC, & OK.

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You can also find our rubsb at all Bass Pro Shops.

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Order our rubs online at

Order 5 lb bags of Sweet Sweet LUV here

Use our store locator below to find a BBQ-friendly store in your neighborhood that stocks Fergolicious LUV dry rubs and elevate your Q!

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