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March 30 – BBQ 101: GMG – KC Grilling Co

Fergolicious University of Que BBQ 101: GMG Class

Green Mountain Grills manufactures some of the best pellet smokers in the world.  Learn more about these great smokers and a chance to try them all out up close.We’ll cover Seasoning your GMG, Running your GMG, Maintaining your GMG, cooking on your gmg.   We’ll cover Brisket, Ribs, & Chicken.  All students will get to eat every product we make, receive a gift bag & more.

Since 2012, Fergolicious BBQ has proven that if you work hard enough and learn certain methods, your BBQ can go from zero to hero.  In one day, Fergolicious BBQ will provide you with an entertaining, action-packed barbecue class that will shorten the learning curve so that you can produce award-winning Q in your own backyard.  All classes will cover topics including…

  • How to start the cooker
  • How to prepare injections, brines, rubs & sauces
  • Detailed instructions on cooking methods
  • Equipment and Accessories
  • Timelines, temps
  • Hot-holding
  • Different woods and flavor characteristics
  • Answering all your BBQ problems and questions along the way!
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